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Course Overview:

We exist in the material world and everything we have achieved has to do with understanding materials. Naturally, as designers, one of the most important learning has to do with understanding how to make use of materials in various forms. The course enables the students to take a plunge in being with a different type of materials, how they behave, and what can be done with them

Course Objectives:

Materials have an affordance that can only be understood by directly experiencing them without any kind of mediation. When children engage with materials, they are able to engage with the most important/primary aspect of the materiality of things. They first understand the qualities much before they even learn to name it. This aptness is achieved because of direct engagement with materials.  To understand the various ways to express an idea, while having a specific visual, textural, functional, and cultural value. The students will get hands-on with basic hand tools and simple machines. The course will inculcate the importance of sequential working methods which will evolve while manipulating material in making specific forms.

Learning Outcome:

The students will have a practice-based familiarity with exploring material. The students will be able to use materials as part of a thinking and development process. The student will be able to theorize after hands-on with tools and materials.

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