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Foundation of Foundation



The orientation program is like reclaiming the natural cognitive foundation that got damaged due to schooling. So rethinking foundation is about addressing certain aspects of the various damages that schooling has done and enabling the architectural and design students to become true learners and what involves in

1.  the cognitive rewiring, cognitive habits that have been installed by schooling have to change the cognitive level at the behavioral level,

2. the psychological level attitudinal changes are important from a teaching-based system to a learning-based system and

3. of course your logical level that inhabits physical habits has been ingrained due to the whole schooling process how which has to do with our eye functions mainly because the eye has now become the tool of the mind and so it has to be recaptured so to say to become the tool of the body itself.  


The orientation program is to de-school the schooled behavior where one learns to memorize and analyze secondhand information. 12 years of schooling has already killed the learning ability. Architecture studies demand a fundamental shift needed from the way the students 'learn' in schools. What is fundamentally different in architecture and design education from other streams- civil, mechanical, etc is that the students are called upon to learn the real world, to be creative, and to take responsibility for their own learning and creation of knowledge. Naturally one needs to undo the impact of years of schooled knowledge. I do a reorientation program for de-schooling the schooled mind. Systematic addressing and sustained practice are required to make this shift possible. Students will be exposed to how children and traditional non-literate artisans learn the REAL WORLD naturally and explore how education rewires our cognitive system meant to learn the WORLD gets rewired to learn the WORD.




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