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A No-teaching pedagogy
Teacher as Midwife;
Students as producers of knowledge

From teaching second-hand information to enabling the creation of knowledge

 Awakening sensitivity, integrating beauty and knowledge, integrating body and mind

Exploring how to apply principles used by children to learn and create knowledge autonomously.

Teacher to Learner- The first midwifery one has to do is on oneself in order to give birth to the learner in us. To re-creating oneself as an authentic and autonomous learner. Only by do so will enable them to the next step of being the midwife of the students.

Teacher to Co-learner – The second midwifery is to be done with students in order to turn them into co learners. Once this is done the hierarchy is removed and a journey together begins and often who learn from whom merges


The teacher has to perform midwifery on themselves to become a true learner and only by experiencing what does it mean to be a true learner only then they will understand the futility of teaching, and the fact that teaching is not called for when it comes to initiating learning as an act of creation of knowledge.

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