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Establishing learning  environment 

Developing conditions for the creation of knowledge, awakening of creativity, intelligence, sense of beauty

We do not have a learning ambiance but teaching ambiance

While many western institutions are experimenting with creating a learning ambiance we are busy creating teaching
​ (cloning is the right word) ambiance

Need to create reflective practitioners- the teacher and the taught.

Indian education most often is producing technicians who can execute jobs very well whether it is architecture, design, engineering etc as a true learning ability is not inculcated in the system. Having space/ condition for the creation of knowledge is the primary aspect that could inculcate true learning, critical thinking, and the ability for reflection.

Self-reflection has no space in our system and unless this happens there is no scope to produce thinker doers.

These courses definitely have scope for the creation of their own learning's and the monotony with which teachers usually deal with readymade answers would also change the attitude of teachers to become learners. Thus the teacher also becomes a reflective practitioner.
The teacher has to become a learner, must have the humility and courage to say I DON’T KNOW and explore along with students.

‘Learning’ environment ‘teach’ children to ‘learn’ whereas ‘teaching’ environment ‘teach’ children to teach!

Children’s natural ability to learn thrives in the environment where the adults are involved in doing something without involved in teaching and instructing.What this means is that if the adults that children interact with are involved in learning- observing, exploring, doubting, doing, sharing their questions and discoveries with other adults then the children around also pick up this behavior from the adults.

This also helps children to build and establish their naturally developing learning tools, qualities, and abilities. They will learn to observe, pay attention, develop patience, explore the world they are coming in contact with, to have doubts and questions arising out of their free explorations, become fearless, stop trying to satisfy the teacher…..and so on…..

They also develop another type of memory system, more natural and organic instead of forced and mindless memorizing…

Teaching environment develops in children the ability to analyze secondhand ‘knowledge’, to remember the facts, to have the ‘right’ answer which satisfies the teacher,  and becomes dependent on the books and authority for knowledge.​

Presently almost all schools have ‘teaching’ environment where the adult is an authority who is instructing, teaching or even just talking with authority to the child. The child is subjected to authoritarian behavior. 

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