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Architecture & Design education
for retaining cultural rootedness

Cognitive spaces   

We think we shape the world  
The reality is that the world shapes us
We are born with inherent existential qualities
Which gets awakened If conditions exist
The traditional knowledge system was born out of this sensitivity
In modernity conditioning takes place
Architecture needs to understand the relation between cognition and space

The biggest threat of modernity (modern education) is the homogenization of human cultures.
The visual experience of modern spaces all over the world is beginning to look alike- Architecture, artifacts, lifestyle. About a century ago we had diverse cultures with a distinct way of life and aesthetic sensibilities. The real issue is to understand how culture is formed and how to retain cultural diversity. Culture is the result of how the aesthetic sensibilities of people get manifested in the things they make and how they live. But the aesthetic sensibilities were awakened naturally by engaging with their contexts. In modern situations, education conditions homogenize the sensibility of people through various subjects like art, architecture, design, etc. All over the world, the same syllabus is taught! So if aesthetic education is treated as awakening the sense by creating situations for connecting to the natural context of the learner's lives, does have the potential for making the learner authentic and original.

This authenticity will create diverse cultures.

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